Dear Chef Harvey,

I was at the Wisconsin State Fair on Tuesday August 8th, and made contact with the person selling the Swiss Pro peeler in your behalf. The deal in itself was to good to pass up but I was sceptical as to whether it would work as well at home with me using it. I can tell you now that I find your product easy to use and quick to learn.
I gave the extra peeler to my 87 year old mother who suffers not only from Arthritis but also Macular Degeneration of the eyes. I showed her once how easy it was to use and that it eliminated the use of a parring knife to cut off ends of vegetables. She began using it imediately and finds it easy to handle, she even used the peeler to slice vegetable for her soups. Her arthritic hands do not hurt as much because of the peelers wider handle. Being able to do multiple tasks she can now use one tool instead of two or three to peel and prepare her vegetables. She is even using the channel cutter to shred her carrots and cheese for her salads.
I am so happy I stopped to watch the demonstration. My mother, Dorothy, being 87 years of age still wishes to live in her own home and not be a burden on others. She still cooks her own meals and your tool makes it easier on her. Please let us know if you have any other products that may help, especially with Arthritic hands.

Thank you
Roger Domrois